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December 2008

Sunday 21st, December 2008

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Telopea "Learn to Swim"

Starts this week at Phillip Pool


NSW State Age Championships:

Bets of Luck and Congratulations to our swimmers (especially the first time qualifiers:John Ashleigh, James Ashleigh and Liam Barber) who are competing in the NSW State Championships in January:

Dylan Appelqvist, James Ashleigh, John Ashleigh, James Ashurst, Liam Barber, Amanda Clifford, Lindsay De Witte, Eli Gatica, Heather Middleton, Kate Miller, Nathan Miller, Ryan Miller, Mitchell Nemec, Alexander Ryan, Lyndsay Saywell, Jessica Traficante, Jarod Watson, Rychelle Watson, Cormac Pearson and James Hansen.


Congratulations to our swimmers who have achieved National qualifying times in the last few months:

Lindsay De Witte, Nathan Miller, Ryan Miller, Lyndsay Saywell, Jessica Traficante.


PSG Results: ( Apologies if any mistakes have been made)




   Congratulations to Jessica Traficante for GOLD in 1500m free, SILVER in 400m Free and SILVER in 800m Free

   Congratulations to Lindsay De Witte for BRONZE in 15yr 200m Freestyle Relay

   Congratulations to the following finalists;

James Ashleigh : 10yr 200m Medley Relay

John Ashleigh: 11yr 200m Freestyle Relay

James Ashurst: 14yrs 200m Medley Relay, 14yrs 200m Freestyle Relay.

Lindsay De Witte : 15yr Medley Relay, 15yr 100m Backstroke, 15yr 100 freestyle, Womens 400m Freestyle Relay, 400m Freestyle

Eli Gatica: 10yr 200m Medley Relay

Tamara Gradden: 17-19yr 200m Medley Relay

Heather Middleton:17-19yr 200m Medley Relay,17-19yr 200m Backstroke

Nathan Miller: 15yr 100m Butterfly, 50m Butterfly, 15yr 200m Medley Relay, 15yr 200m Freestyle Relay

Ryan Miller: 15yr 200m Medley Relay, 15yr 200m Freestyle Relay

Mitchell Nemec: Mens 800m Free, Mens 1500m Free

Alexander Ryan: 11yr 50m Butterfly, 11yr 200IM, 11yr 200m Freestyle Relay, 12yr and Under 400m Freestyle Relay.

Jessica Traficante: 17-19yr 200m IM, 17-19yr 200m Freestyle Relay, 17-19yr 200m Free, 17-19yr 400m IM

Jarod Watson:10yr 200m Medley Relay


Swimming Results can be accessed through the PSG website here


Telopea has twenty swimmers selected - a terrific achievement that highlights all the great work put in by the coaches and the swimmers.

Back Row: Lyndsay Saywell, Tamara Gradden, Amanda Clifford, Jessica Traficante, Lindsay De Witte, Nathan Miller,Mitchell Nemec, Ryan Miller, James Ashurst.

Front Row: Heather Middleton, Laura Angus, James Ashleigh, Alexander Ryan, Jarod Watson, John Ashleigh, Laim Barber, Eli Gatica, Cormac Pearson. (Robert Albertson-Kill, Dylan Appelqvist - Absent)



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