In the formative years of Canberra as the Capital City of Australia, swimming was an integral part of its development.  Some of the trophies that the Telopea Club possesses help to tell the story of swimming in those early days more than 60 years ago. The records that have been maintained by the Club are yet another reminder of swimming in Canberra as it grew into the thriving city that it is today. Please take a few moments to discover the richness of the history of  the Telopea Amateur Swimming Club and its associations with the swimming community over the last 44 years. We are fortunate that this history has not been lost.

The Telopea Amateur Swimming Club was initially formed in November 1964 as an offshoot of the Canberra Amateur Swimming Club which had originated at the 33 1/3 yards outdoor Manuka Swimming Pool in 1931. The Telopea Amateur Swimming Club trained at Manuka until 1975. Although still based at the Manuka pool, the club then trained in summer at the 50 metre Civic pool and in winter at the Canberra Grammar School 25 metre indoor pool.

In 1984, the club moved to the 50 metre indoor heated pool at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Deakin, where it is still does some training during the winter months. In summer it trains in the 50m outdoor pool at Phillip.

Telopea also boasts a long history of success in the pool, claiming Olympians, World record holders, Paralympic and World Championship medallists as well as multiple Australian Age, NSW Open, Age and Country champions amongst its present and past members.

Telopea creating history - be part of History



Back Row - Francis Williams, Siobhan Paton, Jon Slater, Matthew Hudson, Ian Sainsbery, Lauren Bird, Huw Thomas, Chris Emonson, Nic Williams
Front Row - James Underhill, Melanie Cupitt, Clare McLenaghan, Chloe Jeffers, Tracey Uren, Alana McRae, Jessica Andriolo, Dean Uren
Coaches - Les Barclay, Peter Freney

Every member of the Telopea 1999 National Team
was presented with a Ministerial Sports Encouragement Award
for their outstanding achievements in the field of Swimming
by the Hon. Jackie Kelly MP, Federal Minister for Sport and Tourism
at Parliament House, Canberra
on 23 November 1999