The 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney
- Swimming -

16 -  23 September   2000

Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Sydney Olympics

Telopea's three volunteers are ready and rearing to go!

Get Ready.......

Matthew Hudson, Kerrie Andriolo and Nic Williams

Get Set.......

Matthew Hudson and Nic Williams will be on pool deck
as basket carriers for the Olympic swimmers while
Kerrie Andiolo will be the liaison officer for the Italian Olympic Swimming Team
as well as other smaller teams from various countries


We hope they have a wonderful time, soaking up the atmosphere.
What a great experience for the three of them!

 3 September   2000

Telopea Development Meet
Oasis Leisure Centre, Deakin ACT

Telopea medallists were too numerous to mention individually
and our relay teams proved to be too good for the opposition.

Three Telopea Club Records were also broken by
Heather Middleton (9)
Yoichi Kobayashi (9)
Sebastian Tazreiter (10)

Full Meet Results can be found on our Results page
and see our 
Club Records page for latest records to fall

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