NEWS - MAY 2002


I would like to take this opportunity to wish every visitor to this website a fond farewell
as I now hand over to a new Webmaster after almost 3 years. When this website
commenced back in 1999, as a means of communicating to the rest of the world the many
achievements of our club swimmers, I never realised just how popular this website would
become not only throughout Australia but also internationally. Through this website
many swimmers have joined our club. I wish all swimmers the best of success in the
future.  May some of the previous successes of Telopea swimmers be an incentive for our
present and future swimmers. Telopea has a long and proud history and I have been
privileged to have played a small part in recording some of that history on this website.

                                                                                              Meta-Anne Hudson

The new Telopea Committee for 2002/2003 was elected at the AGM on 1 May 2002.
Details can be found on our Office Bearers page.

Congratulations to Marcia Cupitt not only for her re-election as President
but also for her elevation to Life Member of the Telopea Swimming Club.
A just reward for many years of dedication.

Marcia Cupitt


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