NEWS - August 2003

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  Ten new Telopea Records at ACT Short Course Championships! 
  Congratulations to Nyree Sutton, Kate Hawes, Jonathan Slockee, and
  Max Ireland!

  Many thanks to everyone that participated in, contibuted to and/or
  worked on the Telopea Developmental Meet on 3 August.  Your hard
  work and investment of time really paid off for our swimmers. 

Thanks Again!

  Outstanding swims with many PBs at the Woden Double Meet  at
  Tuggeranong on 26-27 July.

  7 New Telopea Records by Sri Barber, Nyree Sutton, Jonathan 
  Slockee, Richard Hills, and Jessica Trafficante!

Congratulations to Telopea's Australian Open National Swimmers in Hobart 1-3 August.

 6 New Telopea Records by Sarah Paton and Nic Williams!

updated.gif (1796 bytes)The Telopea Summer Meet will be held 4-5 October at the AIS.   Contact Kerri Andriolo or Roger Lee if you can help! 

updated.gif (1796 bytes)  A reminder that NSW State Open Championships (16-17 August) and NSW State Age Championships (12-14 September) will soon be upon us. 


 News Archive