NEWS - JULY 2003

Wednesday, 06 August 2003

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 updated.gif (1796 bytes)The Telopea Development Meet Flyer is now available!  Just Click Here!

updated.gif (1796 bytes)   Congratulations to the Telopea swimmers at NSW Country in Toronto!   We expected great results from our swimmers!  Twenty-two medals and four new Telopea records!

updated.gif (1796 bytes)  Congratulations to our Country Medalists:  22 Medals in all!

Richard Hills                       3 Gold          1 Silver             1 Bronze
Max Ireland                         2 Gold
Kiernan McGill                                         2 Silver             1 Bronze
Ben Hubbard                                           2 Silver
Pavel Cheimardinov                               1 Silver             1 Bronze
Heather Middleton                                                            3 Bronze
AJ Newman                                                                       2 Bronze
Emma Fitzgibbon                                                             2 Bronze
John Warmenhoven                                                          1 Bronze

updated.gif (1796 bytes)The Telopea Summer Meet will be held 4-5 October at the AIS.   Contact Kerri Andriolo or Roger Lee if you can help! 

updated.gif (1796 bytes)  A reminder that NSW State Open Championships (16-17 August) and NSW State Age Championships (12-14 September) will soon be upon us. 

 Congratulations to the Telopea swimmers who competed in the Ginninderra Meet and the Woden Development Meet.   Once again, Telopea swimmers excelled!


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