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Tuesday, 18 November 2003

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  Correction to TELOPEA MEET registration: Send to Kerri Andriolo.

  Two new Telopea Records in August:  Congratulations to Nyree Sutton,
  and Max Ireland!


TELOPEA SUMMER MEET 4-5 OCTOBER Program is Now Available



updated.gif (1796 bytes)TELOPEA SUMMER MEET - 4 - 5 OCTOBER 2003

  The Telopea Summer Meet will be held 4-5 October at the AIS.  
  Contact Kerri Andriolo or Roger Lee if you can help! 

  Coaches Notes:  Attached are two documents for your use.  One is the
  Meet Manager Back-up; the other is an Event Import for Team Manager.

  E-Mail your entries to:  Kerri Andrioloupdated.gif (1796 bytes)


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